Technology of AI

Technology of AI

Technology of AI

Technology of AI


Manufacture/ finance/ distribution industry consulting service based on machine learning

Provide Consulting Service which is specialized in each industry (abnormal sign detection, process control, prediction of demand, predictive maintenance)


Development and Supplement of business B2B machine learning solution

AutoML, ActionML, AIRules, e-CRM solution


Insights, index sales business based on big data

Platform business based on AI + blockchain for B2C

AITheNutrigene pursue realization of
machine intelligence that contributes to human beings

Executives and staff members will do out best based on creativity, passion, challenge spirit.


AI Platform
Cloud Platform
- System which is based on OpenStack, NW virtualization technology DMP Platform
- Processing and applying of Large volume big data based on Hadoop
- Look alike, product recommendation, Predictive AI algorithm


AI Solutions
Automated analysis solution
- Smart_AutoML voice replication solution
- Voice cloning-bot image recognition solution
- Target automated recognition based on ML & OCR


AI Consulting
Analsis consulting based on ML algorithm Modeling consulting specialized to Finance/ manufacture/ distribution/ communication
- Target marketing, demand prodiction, process optimization


Auto ML
- Perform analysis specialist level with a few clicks without coding
- Production, Comparison, Verification, and Distribution various new machine learning model


Action ML
- Solution which can produce machine learning model easy and fast, and distribute based on predictionIO, open-source platform
- Using a Various machine learning engine template that can be customized, machine learning algorithms such as real-time recommendation, classification, natural language processing, clusters, and similarity analysis can be implemented


- Business rule management solution which is able to post-analysis without coding
- Rules can be created, verified, and distributed to various domains, and the impact of Rules using machine learning algorithms is provided as a result of analysis


- AI chatbot which is accurate and detailed which looks like communicating with people through natural language processing
-In various fields such as finance, shopping, medical, traffic, complaints etc., business functions such as customer service, marketing, and CRM can be performed


- One to one personalization of marketing service solution which is based on non face to face channel log analysis
- Digital channel log analysis, web personalization, CMS etc