Technology of Clinical Test for Ingredients

Technology of Clinical Test for Ingredients

Clinical test for Ingredients

AItheNutriGene researches and analyzes of the nutrients found in the
world’s excellent food materials, provides safe and effective bio-
healthcare therapy solutions through clinical trials of finished products
after developing healthcare therapy products.


Brown algae complex extracted from clean ocean of
the North Pacific

The polyphenol ingredient of brown algae extract
inhibits blood sugar inhibition and body fat through
dual-action during polysaccharide into monosaccharide.


Pomegranate plants are used for medicated,

Punicalagin, bio-active indicator material of punicalgin have effects of inhibition of periodontitis, reduction of bacteria within saliva of mouth, reduction of prostate cancer, whitening of the skin.


100% Mediterranean Natural
“Plants Extraction Complex”

As a caper bud, olive leaf extract, the Luteolin-7-O- glucoside ingredient can help with anti-allergy, anti-viral, and reduction of Sulphidoleukotrienes release, and reduction of antigen-induced degradation.


Antioxidant complex for men who want to have energy and vitality in daily life
As a result of a clinical study on antioxidant complex, it can improve infertility through the statistical significance of sperm motility and sperm shape.


'brain health complex’ for attention deficit, hyperactivity, impulsive behavior improvement, and concentration
In clinical tests conducted on children with ADHD,
subthreshold ADHD for attention deficit, hyperactivity, impulsive behavior improvement, and concentration, significant improvements were seen in ADHD rating scores and mental health assessment measures.