Nutrition Products

Nutrition Products

Nutrition Products

AItheNutrigene’s products, has been collaborated with medical experts and nutritionists, are
made through strict quality control standards in safe production facilities that can only be
trusted with globally-proven raw materials.


Inositol-containing product for prospective mom

It is a customized food for women's health promotion that energizes their daily lives by combining plant- derived myo-inositol, folic acid, and vitamin B group


Men’s health functional food for prospective father

It is a customized health functional food for prospective fathers who are preparing for a healthy pregnancy as it contains 8 vitamins & minerals, supplementary material about 1000mg of L- arginine, L-carnitine.


Food supplements for my child’s healthy brain

This health functional food is a combination of red ginseng, EPA, DHA, and agorous solander extract as a supplementary material that can help improve memory for our children's brain health.


Health functional food for the normalized immune

A health functional food that can help with energy metabolism, immune function, and anti-oxidant as it contains Agaricus mushroom powder as an auxiliary ingredient for vitamin B group, zinc, and vitamin and minerals.


Health functional food for the management of our family's immune function in a modern society with a lot of interest in anti-virus

A health functional food that can protect the cell against free radical, help normal immune function as it contains vitamin C, D, zinc, Pantes-MF which is monopolized material.