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about our company

We are dreaming a world without disease

There are various disease occurred in modern society because of life-extension and
environmental changes. So that AItheNutriGene has developed a test-detection
solution in order to check out early detection of various diseases, and as a result of
this, develop an optimization algorithm and apply various industry.

Save time… Save the life

At the age of 100, early detection and prevention of disease can save time and
money. AItheNutriGene provides solutions based on various tests and accurate
diagnosis to prevent disease prevention.

Doctors and Patients smiling together

We have about 1,000 mid- to large-sized hospitals and clinics in Korea as our
members and we provide bio-healthcare therapy services. We are providing
solutions by combining research and development algorithms with IT convergence
technology by accurately identifying the needs of medical experts and patients.

We can make it happen with MDx technology

Molecular diagnosis technology allows for early detection and treatment of
diseases caused by changes in the environment by checking whether viruses or
germs are infected.