Technology of Nutrigenomics

Technology of Nutrigenomics

Technology of Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics technology is a customized healthcare technology based on customized nutrition therapy according to individual genomics, so AItheNutriGene provides an IT convergence platform with optimization biomarker and therapy-standard algorithm development.


Diagnostics: Genetic Analysis
dentify the interactions between genes and nutrients, implement personalized solution


Nutrition: Metaformula
No.1 nutrition brand for hospital re-purchase Provide in-hospital customized solutions

Genetic Analysis



Inositol-containing product for prospective mom

It is a customized food for women's health promotion that energizes their daily lives by combining plant- derived myo-inositol, folic acid, and vitamin B group


Men’s health functional food for prospective father

It is a customized health functional food for prospective fathers who are preparing for a healthy pregnancy as it contains 8 vitamins & minerals, supplementary material about 1000mg of L- arginine, L-carnitine.


Food supplements for my child’s healthy brain

This health functional food is a combination of red ginseng, EPA, DHA, and agorous solander extract as a supplementary material that can help improve memory for our children's brain health.


Health functional food for the management of our family's immune function in a modern society with a lot of interest in anti-virus

A health functional food that can protect the cell against free radical, help normal immune function as it contains vitamin C, D, zinc, Pantes-MF which is monopolized material.