Technology of Molecular Diagnosis

Technology Details

Sample Processing Solution Technology specialized for Field Diagnostics

1. Non-Powered Microfluid-based
Nucleic acid Extraction Technology

Microfluidic Paper Chip based Extracting
Nucleic Acid

Using paper microfluidic chips, patient’s sample
(virus, etc)
Through the process of Lysis, Capturing,
Hibrid DNA: RNA, extract nulecic acid

2. Simultaneous Multi-diagnosis of Isothermal Amplification

Simultaneous Multiple Target Primer Technology
Simultaneous multiple target primer technology for isothermal amplification is appropriate for Various reaction condition based on each target gene Able to fusion with various diagnosis device with minimizing amplification error and optimal specification

3. iNAD Diagnostic Technology

More rapidly and sensitively than real-time PCR
By combining RPA isothermal amplification with iNAD using bio-optical sensors, Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (SFTS) and Tsutsugamushi infection target The results of clinical validity assessments,
Faster and higher sensitivity than RT-PCR
(Mini-POCT Device Possible)

4. Amplification technology
on paper chips

Paper-Microfluidic Chip based INAA Technology
- Low-cost high-speed high-sensitivity At home
diagnosis paper chip technology
Using paper microfluid chips, isothermal
amplification technology
Quickly and accurately diagnose causative
bacteria at home
- Optimized for isothermal acid amplification
Establish various specific condition such as paper
chip structure, fixation of chemical components,
PH, buffer components, and temperature

5. Paper based all-in-one molecular diagnostics

All in One based Molecular Diagnostic Structure

Lab-on-paper for all-in-one molecular
diagnostics of zika, dengue,
and chikungunya virus from human serum

6. Commercial Application

Fabrication Technology
that implements preparation and amplification
in paper chips

Platform Technology

Understanding and Application of LAB on Paper